1954 Rolls-Royce, Bentley R-TYPE (B118XF)

Bentley R-TYPE

Picture courtesy of The Real Car Company.
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Why a Bentley R-Type ?

Having used classic cars in the pass as every-day cars, I had hoped to use my next Rolls-Royce in the same way. I settled on the R-Type after considering it's overall size, age/period, looks and expected cost. However after owning the car for a few weeks I realised that it would not be practical, at least while I worked away from home and did so much annual mileage.

Bentley R-TYPE

Picture courtesy of The Real Car Company.

More details on why we choose a Bentley R-Type.

How did we find the car

We had looked at quite a few R-Types before travelling to North Wales on the 9th August 1997 so that we could visit The Real Car Company. They had three R-Types for sale. Ray took us for a drive around the area in a Silver one, and then let me have my first ever drive of an R-Type, quite a shock after a modern Silver Shadow.

More details on how we found Bob.

Bentley R-TYPE

Picture courtesy of The Real Car Company.

The deal !

As we were offered a very good trade-in value on our Silver Shadow, a deal was agreed, we shook hands, a deposit paid and the R-Type was mine (well nearly).

We didn't swap cars then and there. Even though the R-Type had a new MOT, The Real Car Company had previously noted a number of jobs that would need completing to re-commission the car and were still in the process of finishing off this work. They also intended to service the car and give it a final check-over before we took delivery.

TheThe Real Car Company treated us very well indeed. They did much more than they were obliged to, and we found the whole experience of buying a car from them a great pleasure. Since getting the car, we have been signing their praises and would recommend them to anyone.

Bentley R-TYPE

Picture courtesy of The Real Car Company.

Why did we call the car 'Bob' ?

As soon as we saw the pictures sent by The Real Car Company, we considered buying the car. Karen immediately started to try to think of a name for it (if we got it), I suggested that POB might stand for (tongue in cheek) 'Poor Old Bob', and that was that.

Karen liked that, and nick-named it (him!) 'Bob' for short. As the car was on sale by The Real Car Company, who were located in North Wales, the other nick-names suggested were: Taffy, Sheep shagger (whoops!), Shawn, etc

Bentley R-TYPE Dash

Picture courtesy of The Real Car Company.

We finally parted with the car on Saturday 24th October 1998.
On the preceding Tuesday we had visited The Real Car Company, with the view of part exchanging 'Bob' the Bentley for a Silver Cloud.
The deal was agreed, signed and sealed on the Tuesday and the cars exchanged as planned on Saturday 24th October 1998.

See our pages on 'Dick' (our new Silver Cloud) for more details on 'the deal' and the new car..


I missed the comfort of driving the Silver Shadow, but loved the shape and style of the Bentley.
I felt that, through pure bad luck, we had ended up buying badly and at the end, I was happy to pass on the Bentley even though I had by that time, fixed a lot if it's faults.
We owned the car for just over a year, spent nearly £ 10,000 on the car and covered over 11,000 mile in it.
Even thought the car never 'Failed to proceed', we had a large number of very expensive problems. The only benefit gained, was a much greater understanding of the car, we have, again, learnt a great deal.

It must be said, however, that even if the car had been trouble-free, and I had kept the car much longer, I would still have concluded that I preferred (as a driver) the comforts you have with a more modern car.
Given the problems we had had, and it's condition went sold, I think I would have had a problem selling the car to another dealer for a reasonable amount, so I was very pleased to find that The Real Car Company were prepared to take back the car in part exchange for another.
All due credit to them for giving me great service and being very fair about the deal.
So, once again, I can not praise them highly enough, Thanks Ian & Ray.

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